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Ni-Mh battery Rollei repair offer
(The old battery must be sent in for repair)

We do repair your old NC battery and renew it with modern
Ni-Mh battery cells with 1300 mAh. (Only these cells have been approved by Rollei).
The new cells must be charged pulsatingly, which the old Rollei chargers cannot do.
Therefore you also need a new fast charging unit. (see below)

Repair-Price of yout old send in NC-battery is 85,- € plus shipping costs + German tax 19 %

ni-mh akku rollei reparatur NOS WARE

Fast charging unit Ni-Mh – Price 140,- € plus shipping costs
+ German tax 19 %

6008 Professional SRC 1000 Body , used condition, price 500,- € plus shipping costs



Rolleiflex 6008 Professional with Planar 2,8/80 PQS
– Price 1500,- € plus shipping incl. Ni-MH battery.


Sonnar 4/150 HFT / PQ Lens – Price 699,- € plus shipping costs

used, good state