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About us

In 1946, the photo-mechanic Anton Paepke founded the repair facility for photo-technical devices in the Düsseldorf area. His aim was to acquire customer service contracts for repairing the products of some photo companies which at that time were well established. Close contact could swiftly be established with Leitz (Leica) and Rollei (Franke & Heidecke). In 1955, it became necessary to relocate the domicile of the company to Düsseldorf. During the 1960s, the customer service was extended by contracts with Bosch/Bauer (film devices) and Metz
(flash units). Customer service for Leica and Rollei was extended to all product groups. Subsequently, Paepke Fototechnik developed into a service provider operating not only in Germany, but also in the neighbouring Benelux countries, in France, Switzerland and Austria. At our present location in Düsseldorf-Rath, we perform repair and maintenance works for Leica and Rollei products worldwide. Our highly qualified and motivated technicians provide you with expert and workmanlike repairs. We have specified our current repair programme in full detail on our “Service” page. Our trained and motivated technicians grant for professional repairs. Out actual repair-programme is listed in detail under "Service".