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Leica repairservice encloses

Leica – rangefinder equiped cameras since 1939:
Leica I bis Leica IIIg as well as objectives - Series

Leica M-Series Leica M1 bis M6, M6.2, M7 + Leica CL
as well as M objectives

Leica M8 und M9 on request only

Leicaflex 1 and 2
Leicaflex - series SL, SL2 and SL mod.

Leica R-series
Leica R3 to R5, RE, R6, R6.2, R7
as well as R-objectives

Rollei repairservice encloses the whole range

All products since 1960 including factory warranty repairs.

small format:
Rollei 35 - series, Rollei SL 35 - series,
Rolleiflex SL 2000 F, 3001, 3003 as well as objectives, magazines + access.

small format slide projector series on request
middle format - series on request

middle format:
Rolleicord – models from I to Vb
Rolleiflex – models (from Automat over series F, GX + FX
Rolleiflex SL 66, SL 66 E + SL 66 SE and objectives + magazines + access.
Rollei SLX, 6002, 6006
Rolleiflex - system 6000, 6001, 6003 + 6008 prof. to Integral + AF
as well as objectives, magazines + access.

Rolleiflex HY6 objektives magazines + access.
Sinar HY6 + objectives
Leaf Afi + objectives

We also offer repairs on following makes/brands:

middleformat- camera - series

Hasselblad model-series 500
cameras + objectives + magazines

Mamiya models RZ + RB
Models 645 + AF + AFD
cameras, objectives + magazines
Mamiya 7 + objectives
Phase One 645df